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September 30, 2018

IN HIS GLORY (An Evening of Worship)

Why This Event

We are a ministry
that is passionate about
the worship of Jesus

P7IM worship ministry aims at elevating Jesus Christ, the first begotten of the Father, in whom the fullness of the Father dwells. As we behold Him in worship, holding fast to Him, who is the Head, we live for His glory, and He is made manifest in and through us on earth.

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Ayoola Alabi
Team Coordinator
Worship team
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Dare Adebayo
Worship team
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Worship team
Worship Experience
A Home For You
“If you wish to become a part of our worship team, we are awaiting you with open arms.”
Our Music
by Tolubori
Saving Love
by Tolubori
I'm Giving it All
by Tolubori

I love the atmosphere, the rhema of God in the house, in the building. It's close to, in fact its more than what I used to see from the Hillsong atmosphere. Remember the Hillsong song, when they sing, they carry all the atmosphere into the realm of God. In the throne of grace, I could see that everybody who were carried along, individually all had their blessings. It was awesome!

Ayodele BankoleSpontaneous Worship Attendee

It was a wonderful meeting, and honestly, let me say I literally touched heaven. I'm a worshiper myself, and when I see true worship, I know it. The Bible says they that worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth. What we just saw was in spirit and in truth, spirit and in truth, that's the simple word I can use to qualify it...

Olasunkanmi OpaleyeSpontaneous Worship Attendee

...The presence of the Lord was so mighty, it was so thick, God came down. And as we worshiped the Lord, it was like never before, we had the opportunity to worship God. Because you know that most times you could just wake up in the morning and rush out to work, and be so busy. But today, we forgot our clothes, we forgot what we put on, we forgot our problems, and we were just lost in the presence of God. It was a life changing experience.

OyinkansolaSpontaneous Worship Attendee