Why P7IM

We are a ministry that
believes in Jesus, and the
power of the gospel.

Peace7 International Ministry (P7IM) is a Christian ministry propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ through worship and word. P7IM aims at bringing people back to the source of their true nature which is in the Word, and who is the Christ. Our passion is to reach the outcast, the know-nothings, the indignant, and the dejected; to win souls, teach them, and lead them to the hope in Christ that the world considers lost. We worship in the realities of Christ, and we seek to establish every heart in the consciousness of the glorified Christ.


Who we are

We are a team of Spirit filled God lovers, who are passionate about Christ and the sharing of His saving grace, until Christ is formed in every...


What we do

P7IM is a worship and word ministry. We are involved in (live worship and studio recordings). As a worship ministry, we give credence to the word...


P7IM Motto

Unveiling Christ, establishing peace in every heart and home.

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Upcoming Events
    From The Blog
    Watch and Pray!

    I understand it can be a little uncomfortable for some believers to focus on the most important things right now,

    Freedom from Death

    DO YOU KNOW? It’s impossible for you to be held by the pains of death, if you are saved, that is, born of God through faith in Christ Jesus

    Life through the Gospel 2

    In my previous article on the Topic “Life and Immortality” – that is the last edition of WLFA Newsletter, I focused on the death


    “Straight from the heart”

    Hi, it’s so good to know you are checking out our site. Thanks so much for being a part of this great vision. I am well convinced that this site will be a great blessing to every area of your life. Please, feel free to use every resource provided on our platform for your utmost growth.

    Are there questions in your heart you desire answers to? Or do you have burdens in your heart you desire to share? Please feel free to contact us on our online counseling page.

    We love and hope to hear from you.

    Our Music
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    Saving Love
    by Tolubori
    I'm Giving it All
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